Research, Library and Information Services for the Design and Construction Industries


Busy professionals may think that they don’t need librarians or researchers any more – they have Google! – but Google can be a sledge hammer, when what you need is a nutcracker!

If you find that it is taking hours to find the piece of vital information that you need on the internet, then it might be better to spend a short amount of time briefing an expert in research and Internet searching, than wasting your own much more expensive and fee-earning time.

My clients range from Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers to Health and Safety Professionals, amongst others, and they have all realised that their time is too valuable to spend surfing the net – they need targeted and valuable answers to technical questions, and this is information that I am able to provide in a fraction of the time that it would take them, and do it cheaper!

Let me do the same for you ….