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I was asked to find suppliers all types of cladding and façade panels systems, and I have continually added to this piece of research, to keep it up to date, as new techniques and manufactures have come to the market.

The research consists of a short description of the cladding type, with its manufacturers/suppliers, and their websites.

Rainscsreen cladding, insulated sandwich wall panels, and honeycombe systems, with and without secret fixing

  • steel
  • aluminium panels
  • aluminium weatherboarding
  • natural stone and coloured glass, on lightweight concrete panels
  • rock fibre panels
  • natural wood veneers
  • mineral wool
  • perforated panels and mesh
  • fibre cement
  • resins
  • laminates
  • glass
  • brick

and coloured metal finishes –

  • bronze and copper metallic finishes
  • zinc
  • in perforated panels, and mesh
  • Patinated finishes
  • Powder coatings

and Sustainable claddings – metals, timber, brick, glass etc.