Research, Library and Information Services for the Design and Construction Industries


Car park design

I have carried out a number of pieces of research on car park construction for both architects and engineers.

  • Car parking standards –numbers of car parking spaces required, and sizes of car park spaces.
  • A bibliography on car park design
  • Gulleys and petrol interceptors for use in underground car parks


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Party Walls

Party Wall and Rights to light – bibliographies,  guides, descriptions:

  • legislation, British standards, and BRE guides
  • daylight calculations in rights to light
  • guides to calculations etc

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Standards, Regulations, Legislation

Bibliographies, book lists, and weblinks to:

  • Housing standards and guides:
  • Lists of the codes and standards applicable to housing, from the Code for Sustainable Homes, to Lifetime Homes, space standards, Essex and Kent Design Guides etc.
  • Office Space Standards for government offices
  • The new 17th edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008) – plus details on Concealed cables in walls or partitions – changes in the regulations from the 16th edition.
  • Concurrent Events – Extensions of Time and commentaries


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Sustainability and "Green" issues

Research on:

Ecological Toilets

  • descriptions of ecological methods of disposing of human waste
  • reed beds
  • rainwater harvesting
  • greywater

Plus the sanitaryware involved:

  • Compositing toilets
  • Waterless or almost waterless toilets
  • Electrically incinerating toilets
  • Vacuum toilets
  • Air flushing toilets
  • Urine diverting toilets
  • Low flush toilets
  • Waterless urinals
  • Limited flushing urinals
  • Flush-per-use urinals

Water Control:

  • Supply restrictor valves
  • Proximity and sensor controls
  • Self-closing and spray taps
  • Wash room controls
  • Heating and cooling systems

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