Research, Library and Information Services for the Design and Construction Industries


Technical research

Here are examples of technical research that I have been asked to produce, to help support project and design work:

  • River wall impact loading – the standards involved in calculating this, and articles which advise on how to make calculations
  • Stairs: bibliographies of articles on Cantilever stone stairs and on Palladian stairs
  • Facades: bibliography of references on modern façade construction and façade engineering


  • Post-tensioned brick piers – bibliography of references on brick piers, and post-tensioned masonry
  • Stone and masonry design – bibliography on stone design, masonry design, structural fixings in stone, concrete and masonry


  • In-Situ Suspended Concrete Floors: Vibration – Bibliography of standards, guides, reports.


  • Cold bridging: definitions of cold bridges, how to prevent them, products and details which minimise cold bridging
  • Bibliography of references on the historic use of Wood Wool Slabs and wood wool permanent shuttering
  • Demolition – bibliography and booklist


Underground Architecture

Underground architecture: bibliographies, and examples

  • Underground swimming pools
  • Repair of underwater masonry
  • Underground architecture and underground buildings
  • Gulleys and petrol interceptors for use in underground car parks