Research, Library and Information Services for the Design and Construction Industries


If you have a shared internal internet, an intranet, or a shared email account – I can set up an intranet that can be accessed by everyone in the practice, with technical information that is current, accurate, and readily available, and keep this updated for you.

Some practices have access to online reference libraries, such as Construction Information Service or Barbour Expert, but if this is too expensive an outlay, there is information on the web that is freely accessible which you could use to populate your intranet, either as weblinks or pdfs.

Here is an example of the sort of information that is available. Having this on an internal intranet, means that staff do not have to search the internet every time they want to find these resources.

  • Acts, Statutory Instruments, Legislation
  • British Standards
  • Building Regulations – Approved Documents and supporting documents
  • Disability
  • Health and Safety, CDM
  • Historic/Listed Buildings
  • Housing guides
  • Local Government guides
  • Medical guides, hospitals, health centres etc.
  • Planning guides
  • Retail guides
  • Sports
  • Sustainable resources

Where the information is only available by subscription or to purchase, e.g. British Standards, books, contracts etc., I  create a bibliography or lists of relevant standards and books, so you can see what is relevant and available.