Research, Library and Information Services for the Design and Construction Industries


Information and Innovations Bulletins

I produce a monthly Information Bulletin for each of my clients – this shows all the changes, new information, new legislation, standards, books, etc., that have appeared in the past month, and keeps you up to date with what is important in the construction industry. There are two versions, one for Architects and the other for Engineers.

I also send out an Innovations Bulletin – approximately every two months – which monitors new and exciting developments in the industry.

You can subscribe to both bulletins for £30 a month – just ask.

And here are some examples of past bulletins to show you what is included:

Information Bulletin – Architects: June 2010

Information Bulletin: Engineers – June 2010

Innovations – June 2010

Office Libraries

If your office library is typical, you have shelves of trade literature, which may be out of date, filed in magazine boxes,  or in some haphazard order. Other catalogues are under the desks, kept with project files, or are in box files on the floor.  Samples are thrown in boxes, or prop open doors.

And your technical reference books are kept on the same shelves, or are in a partner’s office, and may be current, or might not!

I have many years of experience in clearing out, pruning and organising office libraries, cataloguing the brochures into a coherent order, and making sure everything is up to date.

In this day and age, most people use the manufacturers’ catalogues online, so there may be no need to keep large paper trade libraries – but core catalogues are still useful. I use two cataloguing systems, the traditional construction-based index, CiSfb, and the newer Uniclass.

I can set up a core paper library, or put together the weblinks of the most commonly used manufacturers on the office intranet – and both the paper and the online trade library can be indexed and loaded onto the intranet (in Access, Excel, or html format).

And as far as technical and and reference books are concerned, these can also be catalogued, and the library catalogue put on the intranet.

If you would like me to visit to organize your library, just ask me to visit, and I can come to your offices on a regular basis,  anything from a weekly visit to once every six months – (London and Hertfordshire) and I am always available “off site” to help with queries, or research.